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Facials & Facial Treatments

Facials & Face Treatments – Aura Skin & Wellness Center

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At Aura Skin & Wellness Center in Cape Girardeau, we want your facial experience at our day spa to be one that refreshes and rejuvenates you. Just as important to us is the health of your skin. We take skin care very seriously and that drives our product line and the services we offer. When you come to Aura for a facial, you’ll be treated to top-of-the line skin care products and services.
We’ll customize all your facials and body care services to your individual needs. For each of our clients, we conduct a face mapping analysis during our first appointment. Our facial services are then designed around the results of our analysis.
We are always learning about the latest advances in skin care, and whether your concerns are anti-aging, sensitive skin, or acne, we have a product line that will help you. We also have available high frequency, galvanic, ultrasonic, LED light therapy, diamond tip microdermabrasion (wet or dry) and Lift & Firm microcurrent or radio frequency technologies to optimize your facial results. Contact us today at (573) 270-6017, and let us help your inner beauty shine through by putting our expert knowledge and years of experience to work for you.


Facials & Facial Treatment

Traditional Facial Treatments

Aura Deluxe Facial – Our most requested facial treatment! This customized facial concentrates on deeply cleansing the pores, calming and soothing skin irritations. Licensed esthetician will review your current home care regime and offer advice on how to maintain the results following the facial. Perfect for achieving healthy, radiant skin. 60 minute facial includes: cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extraction, facial massage, mask, and moisturizer. Also includes up to 2 Advanced Modality like Dermaplaning, High Frequency, Microcurrent, or Ultrasonic. Approx. 60 min. – $75

Ultimate Aura Facial-My Ultimate Aura Facial includes a combination of the very best technology, modalities, and techniques I have to offer to meet your skin’s “aging gracefully” needs. You tell me your skincare desires and I will create a results-based facial treatment to make your skin its very best and most beautiful.
Some of the technologies and techniques available are Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, Chemical Peels, Microcurrent, LED Light Therapy, Ultrasonic Peel/Infusion, facial cupping and lymphatic drainage massage. Approx. 90 min – $109

Aura Express Are you crunched on time and need a little “pick-me-up”? This 30 minute facial is your express ticket to clean and healthy skin. It includes 1 Advanced Modality like Dermaplaning, Microcurrent, High Frequency, Galvanic, or Ultrasonic technology to best suite your skin needs and treatment goal. Approx. 30 min. – $50

Hydro Treatments

HydroExpress Facial– This treatment offers a thorough cleansing, resurfacing and hydration treatment using the power of water, anti aging peptides, amino acids, vitamins and hydrating serums. The five step cleansing, peeling, pore extraction, resurfacing and hydrating procedures are customized to each skin type. Approx. 30 min. – $79

HydroCLassic Facial– Everything in the HydroExpress plus Dermaplane; LED light therapy; neck, shoulder, and hand & foot massage to relax you. Approx. 60 min. – $109

HydroPlus Facial– This treatment takes the HydroClassic Facial to the next LEVEL! Lymphatic Massage and Microcurrent is incorporated into this facial giving maximum results and that “red carpet” non-surgical facelift. Approx. 90 min. – $149

Holistic & Natural Treatments **New for 2019

TLC Holistic Facial (60 minute) $75 – using holistic modalities (non-electrical) to relax and rejuvenate. Geared for clients that have to watch what they do..Pregnant, breastfeeding, brittle Hypertension/ Diabetic, current or recent cancer.

O2 Naturals Facial (60 minute) $75 – using holistic modalities (non-electrical) with the addition of aromatherapy oxygen mask to relax and rejuvenate. Geared for clients that have to watch what they do..Pregnant, breastfeeding, brittle Hypertension/ Diabetic, current or recent cancer.

Specialty Facial Treatments **New for 2019

The Wonder Facial (90 minute) $179 – Deluxe Facial with Nano Infusion, Radio Frequency, Light Therapy, Oxygen Mask, & targeted Ampoule

O2 Deluxe Facial (75 minute) $129 – Deluxe Facial with Oxygen serum infusion, Oxygen Mask, and targeted Ampoule

Lift & Firm Facial (75 minute) $129 – Deluxe Facial with Radio Frequency (RF) and targeted Ampoule

Nano Infusion Facial (60 minute) $ 95 – Deluxe Facial with Nano Infusion and targeted Ampoule

Microneedling -This skin rejuvenation treatment has quick recovery time and is designed to stimulate the body’s natural exfoliation process and collagen production. This is a unique way to address and minimize acne scars, minimize appearance of pore size, reduces fine lines, wrinkles, lifts and tightens. -starts at $219 for full face.

Advanced Exfoliation Treatments & Peels **Revamped for 2019

Facial with Level 3 Exfoliation $119 – Modified facial with either Glycolic, Jessner, or Gly/Sal 30 exfoliation

Facial with Level 4 Exfoliation $169 – Modified facial with either AlphaBeta or TCA exfoliation

Facial with Level 5 Perfect Derma Peel $199 – Modified Facial with Perfect Derma Peel

Chemical Peel – (Must Have Purchased A Series) This treatment is your ticket to reveal healthy skin. After a analysis and consultation we will select the chemical peel to best suite your skin needs and treatment goal. – $59+ depending on the peel.

A La Cart Skin Treatments ** Some New for 2019

Eye Treatment ** $29 – Oxygen Serum , Nano Infusion or Radio Frequency (depending on what we are targeting)

Lip Treatment** $29 – Oxygen Serum, Nano Infusion or Radio Frequency (depending on what we are targeting)

Dermaplane & Brow Shape $25 – get a nice physical exfoliation and your brows shaped and waxed (or sugared)

Dermaplane with Multi Area Hair Removal $40 – Dermaplane plus multi area wax (or sugar). Is great when you have those couple areas, like lip and chin, that need the extra attention

What are the Advanced Modalities Available at Aura Skin & Wellness Center


Chemical Peels  & Enzymes – At Aura, we have several different types of peels in our arsenal of age defying weapons to make your skin look and feel beautiful. Some of our peels include Salicylic, Lactic, Glycolic, Jessner, combination Fruit Enzymes, Marine Enzymes, Retinol + C , and more.

Dermaplaning – Dermaplaning, a fast and safe procedure to exfoliate the epidermis with the added benefit of freeing the skin of fine, vellus hair, or “peach fuzz.” Unlike facial waxing, sugaring facials or shaving, this technique is performed with certified skill to reveal smooth, new skin!

Microdermabrasion – Microdermabrasion or Microderm is a micro-fine diamond tipped wands combined with a vacuum technique to physically exfoliate the outermost layers of dry, dead skin cells to reveal a smoother texture, a more even skin tone, and an overall healthier complexion. It is an appropriate choice for treating mild acne or breakouts, light to moderate hyperpigmentation or brown spots, dry/dehydrated skin, oily conditions, and fine lines. Aura offer both vacuum and manual microdermabrasion in either wet or dry mode. All to customize your treatment based from your skin.

LED Photo Light Rejuvenation – LED will give you radiant results. LED Light Therapy enhances results by introducing pockets of healing energy into the skin, which helps to alleviate the signs of aging, breakouts, and sun damage. Just think of it like plants and photosynthesis.

Microcurrent – Low-level of electric current to strengthen and tone muscles of the face, while increasing circulation, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulating cellular metabolism for a more youthful appearance. This low-level of electric current is known as MicroCurrent, and its effectiveness on the skin has also named it the “non-surgical facial lift.” The MicroCurrent technique has gained popularity among celebrities, and has been termed the “red-carpet” facial because of its instantaneous results with absolutely no down time or discomfort.

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At Aura Skin & Wellness Center in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, our ultimate goal is for our clients to Look Good, Feel Great, Live Well in all areas—mind, body and spirit. Let our experts pamper you with our professional services. Besides our facial treatments, you’ll want to try our body treatments, waxing/sugaring, eyelash services, and holistic wellness programs. In addition to Cape Girardeau, we serve people that come from the Sikeston, Jackson MO and nearby areas. Contact us for a private consultation or to schedule an appointment and experience the difference of Aura Skin & Wellness Center.


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