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Women will go to great lengths to make their brows look gorgeous and their eyelashes appear longer, using eyeliner, mascara, false eyelashes and eye shadow to accent their lashes and draw attention to their eyes. Many women at Aura Skin & Wellness Center in Cape Girardeau have discovered the secret to great brows and lashes.



Lash LIft* – also known as lash perm. This treatment gives you a long lasting curl of your own natural lashes. Great for ladies that love using lash curlers. Add a lash tint for added WOW factor.

Lash Lift -$60

Lash Lift with Tint – $80


Brow Lamination – also known as brow perming. Your brows are combed up and out using a special solution to set them in place. This allows for a fuller looking brow.


For those fair-haired women who were born with light colored eyebrows and eyelashes, you understand the frustration of always having to apply eyebrow pencil and several coats of mascara to even make your brows and lashes visible. At Aura Skin & Wellness Center, we offer several different services that you’ll quickly come to appreciate: lash and brow tinting and Henna Tint. We use a dye that is specifically made for your eyelashes and eyebrows, so it’s safe to use around your eyes. And you’ll be amazed at the results. A brow and lash tint really helps to frame your face. Those fair skinned women who have thick lashes often find that after receiving their lash tint they don’t even need to use mascara.
Lest you’re afraid that the contrast between your fair skin and darker lashes will be too much, we offer five shades of lash 7 brow tinting: middle blond, middle brown, brown, auburn, and dark black. Henna, we offer 8 different shades to customize your look.

We’ll be able to find the look that’s just right for you. As your eyelash and eyebrow hairs naturally fall out according to your hair growth cycle, you’ll need to come back for a re-dye if you want to maintain the look. And no cause for concern, you’ll be able to do all your normal activities without worry. After the initial tint, you can shower, wash your face, swim—anything you normally do, because it won’t have any effect on the color.


Lash Tint – $20
Brow Tint (includes brow wax & shape ) – $20
Both Lash and Brow  – $30


Henna Brow Tint – Spending a lot of time putting on your brows in the morning? Not ready for the commitment of permanent makeup? Henna Brows are your answer. Henna Brow Tint Treatment gives you darker fuller appearing brows that lasts for weeks without the daily time commitment or the permanence of permanent makeup. This service includes henna tint (which tints the hair up to 6 weeks and the skin approximately 2 weeks) brow shaping, waxing, and/or tweezing. Henna is vegan plus also free of hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and special oxidizers. – $50



Eyelash Extensions

At one time or another, most women have experimented with false eyelashes, and for many of us, the experiment didn’t turn out so well. The eyelashes wound up in the wrong place, or the adhesive irritated our eyes, or they just looked ridiculously, well, false. That all ends here with Eyelash Extensions. Nicole, Master Stylist at Aura, has been a  certified NovaLash Extensionist since 2011 after hands on training and testing. Novalash has revolutionized the eyelash extension industry by formulating an award-winning, physician-developed, medical-grade eyelash adhesive that is safe and effective. We also utilize Bella Lash products and Gladys lashes and adhesives for there quality, shine, and beautiful results. Whether it is gorgeous everyday wear or adding some colored lashes for a vavavoom look, Aura is your spa in Cape Girardeau Missouri for lashes.

Classic Eyelash Extensions are applied in a lash-to-lash technique. They come in mulitiple lengths (6-14 mm), different widths (.10-.25), and curl. We match to the current hair growth of your own lashes (baby hair, medium and full length) and desired look you would like to obtain. A natural lash cycle lasts 1.5 – 2 months depending on individual factors such as nutrition, genetics, and medications. Once you have your Extensions applied, you’ll only come in to replace any lashes that have fallen out due to the natural growth cycle.

Classuc Eyelash Extensions

Classic Lash Extensions with Glitter Lash Accent

Volume Eyelash Extensions is when we apply multiple super fine lash extensions (.05, .07, .10 diameter) to  one natural lash. The main benefit of Volume Lashes is natural-looking, full volume. These lashes make a huge difference to clients with naturally sparse lashes! Classic Extensions application to girls with sparse lashes can end up looking ‘spidery’ and unnatural.  The majority of clients are looking for a boost in volume as well as length and the Volume (aka Russian technique) does this like no other procedure.

At Aura Skin & Wellness Center there are two categories to choose from. Hybrid lash extensions are a blend of premade volume and classic technique to give the most beautiful effect. The client pictured below was a perfect candidate for Hybrid Lash set. Then we also have Volume Lash set, which is a full lash line of fluffy, beautiful volume fans.


Lash Extension Menu with Lash Stylist

Set  Full Set 2-3 Week Fill    
Classic $125 $60
Hybrid 3D $133 $64
Hybrid 4-6D $137 $68
Volume 3D $140 $70
Volume 4-6D $149 $72

****There is a $20 Full Sets and $10 Fill upgrade charge for lash services by Master Stylist Nicole DuBois ****

****Our Lash Stylist Christy Luker schedules her own appointments at this time. You can call or text her at 4173506071****

Classic        1 lash extension per natural lash

Hybrid        Mixture of classic and pre-made volume fans

Volume        All Volume fans to give you maximum fluffy volume

Party Lashes (includes removal) Arddell Lash trained in 2014.  These are “tab” or “flare” lashes. These are great for special occasions like prom, weddings, or photo shots. They can be worn a couple days. Then we remove them so no damage to the lash occurs- $40

Lash Extension Removal – $30 per 30 minutes. Outside work can take up to 1 hour to remove safely (especially multiple layers of flair lashes that have been left on for extended periods of time).


Volume Max Lash Extensions

Basic Volume Max Volume & Classic Lashes




Damatic Volume Max Full Set

Dramatic Volume Max Full Set



Eyelash Extension Care
To care for your lash extensions, Aura recommends using cleansing pads to help remove any other eye make-up from your lashes and to keep them moisturized so that they retain their flexibility. It’s also recommended that you use a lash wand to comb the lashes free of any tangles. Enjoy the “instant pretty” that you’ll get with Eyelash Extensions.


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At Aura Skin & Wellness Center in Cape Girardeau Missouri, our ultimate goal is for our clients to relax and rejuvenate in all areas—mind, body and spirit. Let our experts pamper you with our professional eyelash services. Besides our Bella, Gladys, and NovaLash Lash Extensions, you’ll want to try our body treatments, massages, facials, and our waxing services. Contact us today for a private consultation or to set up your next appointment and experience the Aura Skin & Body Care difference. We also serve the Jackson and Sikeston MO areas with spa and body care options.


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