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Waxing Service FAQs

Frequently Asked Waxing Service Questions

Does waxing  and sugaring hurt?

The majority of clients say the waxing or sugaring process isn’t as discomforting as they anticipated. Initially, your first wax hurts more because coarse hairs are being pulled out of the hair follicles for the first time, and you are nervous. Various techniques are used to provide the least amount of discomfort for you. Keep in mind that it is best to refrain from getting a wax prior to or during your menstruation cycle, as your skin is much more sensitive to discomfort.

For how long should I let my hair grow prior to waxing?

If you normally shave, allow seven to ten days of hair growth in the smaller regions like underarms and bikini area, 10-14 days in larger regions like legs. For best results, allow for the longer growth time.

Are there pre or post-care instructions I should know about?

Avoid direct sun exposure and tanning beds 24-48 hours before and after getting a body wax or bikini wax. Certain antibiotics, oral or topical medications may cause you to be sensitive to waxing. You will experience temporary redness and bumps immediately after waxing that may last two days, depending upon your sensitivity level. We will apply a post-application product to soothe the area and offer suggestions for home-care products to give you the best results for your wax.

How long will the wax last?

Depending on your hair growth, the area being waxed can stay completely free of hair anywhere from seven to 14 days. You may start to see sparse hairs come to the surface, however. In four to six weeks, the hair re-growth is usually one-fourth to one-half of what it normally would be. Results vary with each individual.

How often should I return for a wax?

It is ideal to receive your waxes every four to six weeks. Each time you wax, hair growth is sparser, thinner and finer, which makes the hair removal process a lot less discomforting.

Will I experience itching with hair growth?

Unlike shaving, you should experience little to no itching because of thin, fine, and sparse hair growth.


What If I am shy and nervous, especially about a Brazilian bikini wax?

It is normal to be nervous, however, our wax professionals are thoroughly trained and experienced in hair removal and perform this service with discreet, modest techniques. Your bikini region is never completely exposed, and you are never put in awkward, uncomfortable positions for hair removal.

How much time should I allow to receive a wax?

We schedule 15- to 45-minute appointments based on the service you choose.


Will I experience in-grown hairs?

You may or may not experience in-grown hairs. We recommend antibacterial products to keep the hair follicle free of bacteria and regular exfoliation methods to prevent dead skin cells from trapping hair re-growth. Some women are more prone to receiving in-grown hairs based on their hair type, and preventative maintenance will assist you in receiving best results.

Can I receive a wax, in particular a bikini or Brazilian wax while on my menstrual cycle?

Yes. You may experience more discomfort because the skin is more sensitive during this time.


Can I receive a bikini or Brazilian wax if I am pregnant?

Check with your physician first. We will wax you; however, your skin may be more sensitive during your pregnancy.


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